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Produit Zone Période Accès
Water levels of rivers and lakes (Hydroweb) Global All users
Snow Alps,Pyrenees, High Atlas July 2016 - present All users
Land cover map Metropolitan France 2016 All users
Pleiades Small areas in France and other sites 2012-2014 National public actors
Spot 6/7 France and worldwide 2013... National public actors, Private actors (under certain conditions)
Venus 50 sites in the world From Venµs launch All users
Kalideos Spot time series for 4 sites in France 2000-2012 Users group
Rapid Eye, Spot 1-5 France 2005, 2011, 2013,... National public actors
Spot 5 (Take 5) 150 sites in the world 8 April - 8 September 2015 All users
Spot 4 (Take 5) 45 sites in the world Feb-june 2013 All users
Spot World Heritage More than 100 000 images in the world 1986 - 2008 All users (non-commercial use)
Landsat Time series for France 2005 – 2011 – april 2013 - présent All users
Sentinel-2 France and others zones in the world From Sentinel launch All users
Lidar France 2003-2009 All users
Radar (CSM - TSX) France 2013-2014 National public actors
Radar (Palsar) Sahara, Arabia 2007-2008 All users (non-commercial use)
Biomass for French Guiana French Guyana All users
Canopy height for French Guiana French Guyana All users
Biomass for Madagascar Madagascar All users
Land Cover (Globcover) Global 2005-2006 All users
Vegetation variables (Postel) Continental to Global 1998 - present All users
Series of vegetation variables (AVHRR) Global 1978-2013
Radiation variables (Postel) Continental to Global 1998-2005 All users
Water cycle variables (Postel) Continental to Global 1992-2005 All users