26>28 Septembre 2019. Saidia, Maroc | International Workshop on Precision Agriculture

Agriculture has been developed during the last decade thanks for advances in scientific research and innovations in technologies. « Precision Agriculture » has born the day that farmers needed taking good decision for optimizing returns on inputs while conserving resources and environment. Precision agriculture aims to optimize field management with regard to crop science, environmental protection and improving economy of the grower. However, agriculture is facing actually complicate challenges such as global warming, climate changes, deterioration of natural resources, economical mutation, etc. Thus, there is a need to focus researches and investigations on precision agriculture. Therefore, smart technologies will permit to achieve this goal in field of agriculture.

The International Workshop on Precision Agriculture (PrecAgri’19) will be included with the First International Conference on Smart Information and Communication Technologies (SmartICT’19). The workshop will cover smart farming management for plants productions. This will be an opportunity for meeting with researchers, professionals and interested in this field. In addition, PrecAgri’19 will be an occasion to exchange knowledge, as well as to identify new research topics in field of precision agriculture and to start new collaborations between researchers.

The greatest selected and reviewed papers presented in the International Workshop on Precision Agriculture will be included in the conference proceedings published by Springer.

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