Submit and contribute to the coming special issue in Water on Paleohydrology using Remote-Sensing, edited by Philippe Paillou and Troy Sternberg.

“Paleohydrology is concerned with the study of past hydrologic systems and their change with climate. The present-day geomorphology of deserts and arid lands still contains evidence of the hydrologic history of these environments, when local climate was wetter. Such

evidence, in forms of paleorivers and paleolakes, showing alteration, deposition, and erosion processes, is usually retrieved from field observation, but remote sensing techniques have now matured enough to be able to provide valuable information from space.

In particular, radar remote sensing techniques, which are able to image the near subsurface under dry sediments and can produce accurate topography using interferometry, have demonstrated their capacities to map ancient hydrologic systems in desert regions. In addition to their interest in

understanding the climate history of current arid environments, such studies also provide key information for the prospecting of fossil water resources.”

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