Temporary change of data distribution server

Due to technical reasons, Theia’s Pleiades, Spot World Heritage, Spirit and L2A Landsat data will be temporary distributed at .


Sentinel-1B on its way to complete Europe´s “Radar Vision”

Copernicus satellite Sentinel-1B , successfully launched on April 26 2016, will monitor the environment around the clock in all weathers thanks to C-Band radars.


SPOT5 (Take5) reprocessed L2A data are online

The SPOT5 (Take5) project just released a new version of all SPOT5 (Take5) L2A data to account for several small issues encountered during the first processing.


Landsat data user community survey

USGS is interested in understanding what levels of processing are needed by the Landsat data user community.


First Spot 5 (Take5) Ortho

The first Spot 5 (Take5) image from the Lake Victoria image in Uganda has been ortho-rectified (L1C).


Take 5 goes to movies

Cesbio proposes a movie on Take 5 experience « Getting ready for Sentinel-2 ».


A first look at Spot 5 (Take5) sites

One month from the start of Spot 5 (Take 5) experiment, Cnes and ESA decided to release a first list of 110 sites in its provisional state.


Sentinel-2A: New eyes of Copernicus ready for space

Sentinel-2A satellite, now fit for service, will map the Earth’s entire landmass as part of the European Copernicus global monitoring program.


Spot 5 (Take 5) is getting ready

The SPOT5 (Take5) project, lead by CNES and ESA is getting ready and the first pictures will be taken in april 2015.