Theia Regional Animation Network

A new GeoDEV website, with resources tailored to your profile

The website of the ART GeoDEV, the Theia Regional Animation network that CIRAD, IRD and CNES have been leading since 2017 in the direction of Southern countries, is evolving to […]


THEIA Transversal Regional Animation Network (TRAN)

What is a TRAN ? TRAN were created at the initiative of the THEIA consortium to bring together public and private structures on a territorial basis, with an interest in collecting, processing and […]


Access Description Theia SCO THERMOCITY project consists of studying urban heat islands and heat loss from urban thermographs based on satellite images [1]. The first stage of the project consisted […]

New Caledonia RAN: dedicated to New-Caledonian users’ needs

Theia 9th RAN is dedicated to the specific needs of the satellite community in New Caledonia.


Theia regional animation network (TRAN)

Theia facilitates national networking among the satellite community through the implementation of regional animation networks (TRAN – ART in French), mainly in France but also abroad in Southern Countries. Since […]


Theia Snow Product detecting the presence and the absence of snow on land surface.