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Incubating SEC

Changes and Health of Temperate Forests SEC

Theia Scientific Expertise Center ‘Changes and Health of Temperate Forests’ brings together engineers, researchers and stakeholders from the forestry sector, in order to develop and implement methods and tools based on remote sensing data to improve silvicultural and sylvo-sanitary monitoring and the sustainable management of temperate forests, in a context where the pressure factors on these ecosystems are increasingly more numerous in France, in Europe, and throughout the world.

Prototyping SEC

Vegetation biophysical variables SEC

Mapping vegetation biophysical variables on a global scale.

Incubating SEC

Drought SEC

Scientific expertise

Thematic softwares and tools

Various processing software as well as modelling and mapping tools designed for thematic applications by Theia’s SECs.

Prototyping SEC

Surface water volumes of floodplains SEC

Mapping water level on rivers and floodplains in order to calculate the volumes of water stored at the basin scale.

Incubating SEC

Vegetation Optical Depth SEC

Developing a global measure of vegetation cover


Algorithms & Processings

Incubating SEC

Surface Temperature and Emissivity SEC

Improving estimation and mapping for land surface temperature and emissivity.

Prototyping SEC

Glaciers SEC

Measuring the Annual Equilibrium-Line Altitude at the end of the ablation period by spatial optical remote sensing

Incubating SEC

Albedo SEC

Mapping spectral and broadband surface albedos for the scientific community involved in energy balances and change detection.



Mapping urban morphology, surface artificialisation, agricultural space consumption or vegetation… to help cities adapt to challenges and threats.

Mapping Tiger Mosquitoes risk in Montpellier (France).



Identifying and mapping environmental factors favourable to the emergence, spread and persistence of diseases.