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Sat’Irr: The Result of a Fruitful Partnership Between a Research Institute and a Company

Guillaume Rieu (TerraNIS) revisits the logic of Academic/Business cooperation lthat underlies the success of a tool like Sat’Irr.


Animation and mediation as key tools for the dissemination of the uses of space

Anne Fromage-Mariette, director of Open IG, a structure coordinating Theia Occitanie RAN, shares with us her vision of the stakes of animation and mediation for the promotion of the uses of space.


TRISHNA: a Mission of High Scientific Value

The Trishna mission being planned opens up new horizons for research and applications for Theia.


Copernicus delivers high-Resolution Snow Products Over Europe, Inspired by a Theia Product

Discover the Copernicus FSC product and its links with Theia Snow product.


Just released: Theia Bulletin n°13

Discover the content of Theia Bulletin n°13


Remote sensing and forests: the contribution of optical imagery

A focus on the use of remote sensing for forests, including the contribution of the biodivMapR tool.


“Making Satellite Research, Products and Applications More Visible”

Jean-Pierre Wigneron, active researcher in two Theia SECs and facilitator of Theia Nouvelle Aquitaine Animation Network, shares with us his vision of Theia.


Land Cover on Reunion Island

A focus on Theia Land Cover on Reunion Island product, its methods and uses.


“Together, Simplifying the Spatial”

Amélie Lombard, project manager at Cerema, facilitator of Applisat and co-facilitator of Occitanie RAN shares the reasons for her involvement in Theia