Theia Speaks Up

Interviews and testimonies by Theia members

“Together, Simplifying the Spatial”

Amélie Lombard, project manager at Cerema, facilitator of Applisat and co-facilitator of Occitanie RAN shares the reasons for her involvement in Theia


Organizing the scientific community to face the technical challenge of exploiting data and disseminating its own research results.

Rémi Cresson, contributor to two Theia SECs, tells us the reasons for his commitment and his vision of the challenges ahead.


Processing massive data stream of satellite imagery for end-users and transferring the results of research laboratory in a relevant and usable form

Anne Puissant shares the reasons for her multiple involvement in Theia and gives us her vision of where the future lies in urban remote-sensing.


Contributing as a mediator between research and users, to the developing of a true regional satellite-based economy

Philippe Rossello, Director of Geograph’R and co-facilitator of Sud RAN, gives us his vision of mediation between researchers and users of spatial data and animation in the region.


Broadening satellite Data Access, while continuing to address difficult questions

Olivier Hagolle, researcher at Cesbio and facilitator of the Surface Reflectance SEC, describes the reasons for his involvement in Theia and the links with his research.