The “Evapotranspiration” Scientific Expertise Centre (SEC) brings together teams from  Cesbio, Emmah, Inra and IRD that develop mapping of evapotranspiration, particularly over irrigated or unirrigated agricultural areas, based on thermal imagery (TIR) or reflectance imagery (NDVI).

The TIR data used come from MODIS, Geoland 2 and Landsat, and the NDVI data comes from Sentinel 2 and 3, Landsat 8 and SARS1.

The product resulting from the Evapotranspiration SEC has a daily update frequency. It has a scale from 10 m (Sentinel 2) to 1 km (TIR images, Sentinel 3) and covers the perimeter of the Mediterranean (Morocco, Tunisia, France).


  • TIR approach: operational in 2015
  • NDVI approach: according to progress of current and future studies.


Albert Olioso
Inra | Emmah (Avignon)

Vincent Simonneaux
Cesbio Toulouse