Surface Temperature and Emissivity

Surface Temperature and Emissivity


THEIA group of experts in “Surface Temperature and Emissivity” brings together teams from OneraIcube, LSCE, Cesbio, INRAE, Cerema and CNRM, who are all working on improving surface temperature and emissivity estimation and mapping. Users are scientists and institutions.

The objective of the group is to develop algorithms in order to respond to three main issues:

  1. Improvement of algorithms for (current and future) high spatial resolution sensors.
  2. Exploration and development of temperature mixing and multi-scale data fusion techniques with low spatial resolution sensors to improve temporal resolution of estimates.
  3. Establishment of evaluation methods to provide products with associated uncertainty.


  • 2019: Evaluation of the performance of different methods for surface temperature estimation, taking into account the impact of 3D geometry
  • 2020: Analysis of the demand, federation of the thermal infrared community and census of the existing (data, tools, instruments, etc.) Read the result of the 2020 Survey
  • 2021: Release of a first dataset produced in the framework of the SCO THERMOCITY project

Work in progress:

  • 2022: Testing of disaggregation methods to produce a national time series
  • 2023: Improvement of estimation methods in the light of previous work


Laure Roupioz
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Aurélie Michel
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