[Just Released] Theia Bulletin N°16

>>>News from the network: Nomination of Anne Puissant as Theia new Scientific Director; Theia workshop on irrigated areas; Trishna Days ; GAIA Data and Terra Forma Kick-Offs, Critical Zone Award, OSS-NC days with regional ambitions; hydroweb.next and HYMOTEP; a thesis on the modelling of cattle movements…

>>> Articles on Theia SECs, products & services: calculation of MNS, study of thermal phenomena in cities, monitoring of tropical forests, estimation of surface hydrological reservoirs, soil properties, flow velocity and thickness of all the Earth’s glaciers…

>>>SINTEGRA: A survey company uses Theia snow data to draw up its flight plans

>>>Two new portraits: Annelise Tran, animator of the CES Risques maladies infectieuses & Arnaud Sellé, CNES-Partenaires interoperability managers for DINAMIS, Theia & ForM@Ter.

Cover photo credit: Istanbul and the Bosphorus under snow on 24 January 2022, Copernicus Sentinel-2 imagery.

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More news


Digital Soil Mapping: educational resources and property maps

Theia Digital Mapping SEC offers new educational resources and Soil Properties Maps.



Theia innovates for the processing and dissemination of hydrological data

Flavien GOUILLON & Lionel ZAWADZKI from CNES gave an update on the evolution of the Theia data and services infrastructure to meet the needs of hydrological data processing and dissemination.



TropiSCO: Monitoring Forest Cover Loss in Dense Forests

The Tropisco projects build on methods developed in THEIA Forest Biomass and Cover Change SEC.