[Just Released] Theia Bulletin N°16

>>>News from the network: Nomination of Anne Puissant as Theia new Scientific Director; Theia workshop on irrigated areas; Trishna Days ; GAIA Data and Terra Forma Kick-Offs, Critical Zone Award, OSS-NC days with regional ambitions; hydroweb.next and HYMOTEP; a thesis on the modelling of cattle movements…

>>> Articles on Theia SECs, products & services: calculation of MNS, study of thermal phenomena in cities, monitoring of tropical forests, estimation of surface hydrological reservoirs, soil properties, flow velocity and thickness of all the Earth’s glaciers…

>>>SINTEGRA: A survey company uses Theia snow data to draw up its flight plans

>>>Two new portraits: Annelise Tran, animator of the CES Risques maladies infectieuses & Arnaud Sellé, CNES-Partenaires interoperability managers for DINAMIS, Theia & ForM@Ter.

Cover photo credit: Istanbul and the Bosphorus under snow on 24 January 2022, Copernicus Sentinel-2 imagery.

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More news


Monitoring Lake and River’s Water Level: Sentinel-6A’s turn

Hydroweb product continuity is already ensured with the integration of Sentinel-6A data in place of Jason-3.


Fototex results


FOTOTEX: An Unsupervised Method for Urban Areas

FOTOTEX, developed within Theia Risks Associated with Infectious Disease Risks and Urban SECs, proposes a unique, rapid and unsupervised method for characterising urban areas at three overlapping scales.


Theia Bulletin

Contributing to the development of our partners in the South in the fields of applicative Earth Observation, based on the resources offered by Theia

Meet with Jean-François Faure, one of Theia’s founding fathers and active facilitator of Theia activities in the global South as well as the national secretary of the DINAMIS mechanism.