POSTEL, demonstrator of thematic Land Data Centre

Postel has associated R&D and services from 2001 to 2008 to describe the soil and vegetation from Earth Observation satellite data, at regional and global scales.

The products developed in POSTEL were spatialized variables describing vegetation and soils, radiation, water and land cover at 300 m resolution.

The Postel products were conceived to be available free of charge to the international science community. They are now distributed by Theia.

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Do you know the SCO?

The SCO facilitators discuss the Space Climate Observatory project, through which several THEIA SECs and RANs projects have been labelled.



VHSR Soil Moisture: All Series are up to date (or almost)

Thanks to the optimisation of the production by the SEC team, all (or almost all) series documenting soil moisture at the plot level are available at least until August 2021.



France Land Cover Map 2020 Focuses on Natural Classes

The 2020 edition, which was slightly later than the previous ones, is now available with its 23 land cover classes for Metropolitan France and “refined” natural classes.