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A canopy height for French Guiana obtained using the data fusion of LiDAR, optical and other environmental datasets. The precision of the map by comparison to a high precision airborne LiDAR canopy height estimates was evaluated at around 3 m (mean canopy height of 30 m).

Authors : Ibrahim Fayad (Irstea), Nicolas Baghdadi (Irstea), Jean Stéphane Bailly (AgroParisTech), Nicolas Barbier (IRD), Valéry Gond (CIRAD), Bruno Hérault (CIRAD), Mahmoud El Hajj (Noveltis), Frédéric Fabre (Astrium/EADS), José Perrin (BRGM).

Thanks : IRSTEA, CNES (TOSCA), BRGM, CIRAD, IRD, CNRS, Noveltis, Astrium/EADS, NSDIC (National Snow and Ice Data Center for the distribution of the ICESat/GLAS data),ONF.

References : Fayad I., Baghdadi N.,Bailly J.S., Barbier N., Gond V., El Hajj M., Fabre F., and Bourgine B., 2014. Canopy height estimation in French Guiana with LiDAR ICESat/GLAS data using principal component analysis and random forest regressions, Remote Sensing, vol. 6, pp.11883-11914, doi: 10.3390/rs61211883.

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GeoTIFF raster

NoData: -9999

EPSG: 32622

Resolution: 250 m

Pixel type: double precision (64 bits)


Data years

ICESat: 2003-2009
BRGM: 1996
Altoa: 2004-2009
Données optique: 2003-2013
SRTM: 2000
Données Géologique: 2001