Polder 2 daily synthesis ©Cnes

FAPAR – POLDER project


The POLDER project is a space project on which POSTEL is taking care of the processing, the production and the distribution of CNES scientific satellite sensors.

The FAPAR, derived from the POLDER-1/ADEOS-1, and POLDER-2/ADEOS-2 data are generated by POSTEL using the approach proposed by Roujean et Bréon (1995). The method assesses a daily FAPAR related to an alternative vegetation index, the renormalized difference vegetation index (RDVI), developped in order to minimize the soil effect. The best linear relationship between RDVI and daily FAPAR is obtained for zenith angles of 45° and 60° in the backscattering direction in the principal plane.


The POLDER FAPAR can be downloaded with a readme file.


Roujean, J.L. and F.M. Bréon, Estimating PAR absorbed by vegetation from bidirectional reflectance measurements, Remote Sensing of Environment, 51, 375-384, 1995.