Theia Risks Associated with Infectious Diseases SEC produces land cover maps targeting the relationship between health and the environment. These products are intended to contribute to the dissemination of information on the epidemiological risks related to infectious diseases to public health actors.

Water Surfaces Hwangue National Park, Zimbabwe 2018CC BY-NC 4.0Dataverse
Land Cover Hwangue National Park, Zimbabwe 2018 CC BY-NC 4.0 Dataverse
Land CoverBuriram, Thailand 2006-2008 CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverLoei, Thailand2007-2008 CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverLuang Prabang, Laos 2006-2007 CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverMondolkiri,Cambodge 2008 CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverNan, Thailand 2006-2007 CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverChampasak, Laos 2007 CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverPreah Sihanouk, Cambodge 2006-2007 CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverChiang Rai, Thailand 2010-2012 CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverKalasin, Thailand, 2011-2013 CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverLapsik,
2010-2012 CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverPrachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand 2011-2013 CC BY-NC
Land CoverTha Wang Pha, Thailand2016CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverTonle Sap Lake, Cambodge2012-2014CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverKanchanaburi, Thailand2011-2013CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverKandal, Cambodge2014-2015CC BY-NC 4.0
Land CoverBrasilia, Brasil2017 to 2019CC BY-NC 4.0GeoDEV
Land CoverGuyane-Brasil BorderSince 2017CC BY-NC 4.0GeoDEV