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Data access


Access to Pleiades images is free for French institutional users (UIA), including scientists. French private actors may also benefit from this free access if they are performing a service for a French institutional actor. Free access is granted on the condition that the request is accepted, and within a budget limit, beyond which CNES may offer co-funding to the authorised user.

Support by CNES also goes beyond this, allowing new categories of users to access Pleiades. This concerns European scientists and also French private actors carrying out R&D for their own purposes (non-commercial activities).

Pricing at cost price is applied for these new categories of users: €1.8/km² for programming – €1.4/km² for an archive (costs multiplied by 2 for stereo, and by 3 for tri-stereo), with a minimum area of 100 km² to be ordered.

In the case of European scientists, access is subject to the signature of a Specific Cooperation Agreement drawn up between CNES and the authorised user’s organisation/entity/laboratory.

Requests for Pleiades images for UIAs (and French private actors) are submitted exclusively through the online form at the address

European scientists should contact

For any information regarding access to Pleiades, contact:



Name : Pleiades 1A and 1B

Imaging mode : optical

Spectral bands : 

  • Panchromatic
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Rouge
  • Near infrared

Resolutions : 

  • 70 cm (panchromatic)
  • 2.8 m (multispectral)

Observation capability : 

  • Swath : 20 km
  • Revisit : programmable 

Coverage : 

  • Area : small areas in France and other sites
  • Period : 2012 – 2014

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Primary : The Primary product is the processing level closest to the natural image acquired by the sensor. This product restores perfect collection conditions: the sensor is placed in rectilinear geometry, and the image is clear of all radiometric distortion.

Ortho : The Ortho product is a georeferenced image in Earth geometry, corrected from acquisition and terrain off-nadir effects.


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