PTSC has a new name, Theia

Theia is the new name of the « Pôle Thématique Surfaces Continentales (PTSC) ».

THEIA is a figure of Greek mythology, she is a Titanide daughter of Ouranos (the Sky) and Gaïa (the Earth). A denomination well adapted to the observation from space of land surfaces.

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PhD & PostDoc

[PhD grant] From Landscape detection to population dynamics

CNES is offering a PhD grant for a project aiming to improve knowledge of human population dynamics in rural areas through the recognition of landscape indicators derived from high-resolution image processing.



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The SCO facilitators discuss the Space Climate Observatory project, through which several THEIA SECs and RANs projects have been labelled.



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Submit your proposal to ESA 5th Sentinel-2 Validation Team Meeting before February 18.