The Scientific Expertise Centres (SEC) are laboratories or groups of national laboratories leading research and developing innovative processes to use space data for “land surfaces” issues.

These SECs are s focused on added-value products, possibly with services associated with this product. These are mono or multi-team CES’s, spread over one or more regions.

Animateurs des CES et ART lors de l'atelier rencontre de juin 2017

SEC and RAN facilitators (June 2017)

Three main objectives

  1. Take part in the validation of the products provided by the Space Data Infrastructure, and to develop processes to use the data and demonstrate applications.
  2. Contribute to the network and to pool the scientific players at regional, national and even international levels, around thematic research fields: farming, forestry, urban, coastal, mountain, global approaches…
  3. Contribute and promote exchanges within the scientific community at regional level and between the scientific community and the land management players regarding the use of satellite data and associated analysis methods.

24 SEC documenting 10 themes