Scientific Expertise Centres

Theia Scientific Expertise Centres (SEC) bring together different teams of French laboratories conducting research and developing innovative methods for mobilizing satellite, airborne and in-situ data on “continental surface” issues.

Three main objectives

These SECs are s focused on added-value products, possibly with services associated with this product. These are mono or multi-team SEC’s, spread over one or more regions, they pursue three main objectives:

  1. Networking and federating scientific stakeholders at the national or even international level around thematic fields (agriculture, forest, urban, coastal, surface/atmosphere exchanges, etc.),
  2. Collect user needs,
  3. Design and validate innovative methods, develop products and train users.

25 SECs documenting 10 themes

7 Producing SECs

The Producing SECs’ algorithms have been validated by Theia Scientific Committee. Their products are generated in an operational and recurrent manner over defined geographical areas.

8 Prototyping SECs

Theia Prototyping SECs currently propose a small-scale production on geographical and temporal areas in order to demonstrate the interest of the products to the community and to finalize their qualification.

10 Incubating SECs

Within the Incubating SECs, preliminary research and publications are produced, providing analysis developing the concept through to the results of laboratory testing models.