Theia French-Iranian Summer School

ProgrammeFrom July the 7th to July 10th 2018 the first Theia French-Iranien Summer School in Remote Sensing has convened hosted by the Geomatics Engineering Faculty at the K. N. Toosi University,  Tehran (Iran).

The one-day lectures and the three-days workshops pursued the following objectives :

  • To give an overview of the remote sensing image processing library OTB and to apply it to real case problems using OTB application which facilitate the use of remote sensing data (Feature extraction, Calibration, Classification, Segmentation, etc.),
  • To share lessons learned on added value products, developed and produced in the frame of the Theia French land data center (Theia is a French national inter-agency organization designed to foster the use of products derived from the space observation of land surfaces)
  • To give tutorials and workshop practices on how to run the Theia algorithms and generate such products on free available images.
  • To give tutorials and workshop practices on how to perform a Disaster Rapid Mapping

imageParticipants de l'école d'été


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