The migration of the ECMWF Data Centre, initiated on 8 September, is disrupting the availability of CAMS (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service) data used by the MAJA atmospheric correction chain to produce some Theia level 2 and 3 products. The service is currently down and disruptions are expected for another 3 to 4 weeks.

As a reminder, the use of CAMS products greatly improves the estimation of the atmospheric optical thickness (AOT) in MAJA, by providing at a time resolution of 12 hours and a spatial resolution of 0.4° the relative contribution of 7 aerosol species to the total AOT. These data, usually retrieved in real time by the production centre before the processing of level 1 products, are missing.

The MUSCATE CNES production team will catch up on the processing as soon as the CAMS service comes back online.

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