Several SEC facilitators are participating in the 2019 edition of the Living Planet Symposium, from 13 to 17 May in Milan.

Water level of lakes and rivers SEC

Poster | “HYDROWEB/HYSOPE : an processing center for lakes and rivers observation”

Jean-Francois Cretaux, CNES/LEGOS, Toulouse, France, 
Stephane Calmant2, Philippe Pacholczyk3, Lionel ZAWADSKI4, Adrien PARIS4, Nicolas TABURET4, Frederic Frappart2, Sylvain Biancamaria5 
1CNES/LEGOS, Toulouse, France, 2IRD/LEGOS, Toulouse, France, 3CNES, Toulouse, France, 4CLS, Ramonville St Agne, France, 5CNRS/LEGOS, Toulouse, France

EO for Hydro models Poster Session | Tuesday, May 14 South Hall, Floor 0, 17:20 – 19:00 | More details

Land cover SEC

Oral Presentation | “Mapping France’s Land-cover at 10 m Every Year. Lessons Learned and Future Improvement.”

Jordi Inglada (Cnes, CESBIO, Toulouse, France) 
Arthur Vincent (CS-SI, Toulouse ), Vincent Thierion (INRA – CESBIO, Toulouse, France)

Land Cover Regional to Global | Thursday, May 16 | Space 2 – Floor 0, 11:40 – 11:55 | More details

Urbanisation and artificialisation SEC

Poster | “Innovative Methods and Products of the  » Urbanization and Artificialization”, Theia Scientific Expertise Centre

Anne Puissant, Arnaud Le Bris, Vincent Thierion, Thomas Corpetti, Thibault Catry, Sébastien Gadal, Rémi Cresson, Xavier Briottet, Nicolas Baghdadi, Arnaud Sellé

Oral Presentation | “Automated Urban Footprint Mapping Over Large Areas: a Method Implemented for Massive Streams of Sentinel Data”, 
Anne Puissant, David Michéa, Romain Wenger, Quentin Poterek

Anne Puissant, University of Strasbourg – LIVE, France; University of Strasbourg – A2S Platform
David Michéa2, Quentin Poterek1
1University of Strasbourg – LIVE, France, 2University of Strasbourg – A2S Platform 

EO for Resilient Cities (2) | vendredi 17 mai | Space 2 Floor 0, 14:00-14:15 | More details

Data Terra and other French Data Centers

Frédéric Huynh, head of DataTerra, will also be there to present the current development of a French research infrastructure dedicated to Earth System.

Oral Presentation | « A satellite and in-situ data and services infrastructure for the study of the Earth system », 

Frédéric Huynh, IR System Terre – CNES, CNRS, IFREMER, IRD, IRSTEA, IGN, IPGP, Météo France -, France
Michel Diament1, Richard Moreno1, Nicolas Bagdhadi1, Michel Deshayes1, Gilbert Maudire1, Nicole Papineau1
1IR System Terre – CNES, CNRS, IFREMER, IRD, IRSTEA, IGN, IPGP, Météo France -, France

Open Science: Collaboration for Open Research | mercredi 15 mai | Brown 3 Floor 2  16:40 – 16:55 | More details

ForM@Ter, another component of DataTerra like Theia, will participate in two sessions.

Michel Diament will present French initiatives at the “From National to European wide in SAR” session , Tuesday, May 14, Giardino Agora, 10:00 – 11:00 | More details

Emilie Ostanciaux will present the « On-demand service for Sentinel-1 InSAR processing using NSBAS” developed by ForM@Ter.

Cloud Platforms: Big EO Data Analytics: Platforms and Applications | 
15 mai | Amber 7+8 floor 2 16:55 – 17:10 | More details