Gabon Biomass Map

Data access Presentation The Gabon biomass map, with a 50x50m resolution, has been obtained by data fusion, mainly Lidar, spatial, […]

African Biomass Map

African Biomass Map

Data access: Presentation This dataset gives estimates of the woody above-ground biomass (AGB) of the savannahs and woodlands of continental […]

Venus Surface Reflectance

Data access Presentation The Venµs science mission is a joint research mission undertaken by CNES and ISA, the Israel […]

Spot World Heritage

Data access Presentation The programme objective is the free availability for non-commercial use of orthorectified products derived from multispectral […]

Spot 6/7

Data access Presentation The Geosud direct receiving station is used to programme acquisitions, receive telemetry and process data from […]