Venus Surface Reflectance

Data access Presentation The Venµs science mission is a joint research mission undertaken by CNES and ISA, the Israel […]

Water cycle variables (Postel)

Data access Presentation The “water cycle” biogeophysical products of Postel are spatialized variables derived from optical or micro-wave sensors measurements acquired […]

Spot 4 (Take 5)

Data access Présentation At the end of life of each satellite, CNES issues a call for ideas for short-term […]

Surface roughness

Data access Level Level 4: final product obtained by analysing one year of SMOS 2011 data, by monitoring the […]

Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance

Data access Presentation ESA’s Sentinel-2 mission, launched in the framework of the Copernicus program of the European Union, involves […]

Landsat Surface Reflectance

Data access Landsat 5-7-8 (2005>2011 then 2013>2017): Landsat 8 (March 2017>now): Presentation Landsat satellites have been supplying data with a […]


PRESENTATION Data access: In the framework of the GEOLAND project, IMP (University of Vienna) and EARS assess the precipitation amount […]