Monitoring crops and biophysical variables, mapping land cover and farming practices for sustainable agriculture.

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GEOV2-AVHRR: Monitoring Changes in Vegetation on a Global Scale over the last 38 Years



SMOS L4RZSM, an operational product dedicated to root zone humidity

Discover or rediscover the Root Zone Moisture product developed at Cesbio from SMOS data for Theia Surface Soil Moisture SEC.



Just released Theia Bulletin n°14

Read Theia Bulletin n°14 and all the news from the network.


S2-VarBIO: four biophysical variables to monitor crops and vegetation

The first S2-VarBio demonstration products are now available on Theia.

Prototyping SEC

Vegetation biophysical variables SEC

Mapping vegetation biophysical variables on a global scale.

Incubating SEC

Drought SEC


Land Units at National Scale

Delimiting Landscape Units based on Earth Observation data in order to contribute to landscape-based land management.


GeoDEV: six thematic sheets for users in the South

Theia GeoDEV RAN proposes thematic sheets with Southern users’ needs in mind.


Transfer, a crucial issue for gaining user confidence, essential to respond collectively to societal challenges of the future

Valérie Demarez, facilitator of Theia Irrigation SEC, gives us her vision of the role of Theia consortium, her SEC and satellite research in the face of today’s challenges.


Land Cover: a Product in Continuous Improvement

Jordi Inglada tells us about the latest developments of Theia Land Cover product.


VHSR Soil Moisture: two new sites in France and 5 updated

Data at plot-scale are now available for 2 new sites in France: Grand-Est and Rhône-Alpes. 5 others have been updated.


Sat’Irr: The Result of a Fruitful Partnership Between a Research Institute and a Company

Guillaume Rieu (TerraNIS) revisits the logic of Academic/Business cooperation lthat underlies the success of a tool like Sat’Irr.