Providing key information for environmental studies to document changes and trends

Meet with Silvia Valero, the new facilitator for Theia Land Cover SEC. She shares here her ambitions and expectations.


MACLEAN’21 Call for proposal

Submit your proposal before June, 23, 2021.



Thermal Infrared: Understanding Practices and Assessing Needs

The main results of the survey conducted by the Surface Temperature and Emissivity SEC on the needs of the TIR community.


Just released: Theia Bulletin n°13

Discover the content of Theia Bulletin n°13


The New Theia Catalogue: All the Collections in a Single Visualization

Discover the new Theia catalogue offering a centralised access to SECs products as well as advances search functions and image visualisation tools.


MACLEAN2020 Call for paper

Submit now your paper on Machine Learning for the MACLEAN 2020 event in Ghent in conjunction with ECMLPKDD


JRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships (CDP)

For the topic Artificial intelligence for earth observation, two doctoral positions are offered with the Global Human Settlement Layer team. Apply before May 2020


Algorithms & Processings

Several SECs are developing research and cross-functional products that can be used to address the issues raised by different themes.

Surface Temperature and Emissivity SEC

Improving estimation and mapping for land surface temperature and emissivity.