Assessing forest resources, characterizing changes in cover and vegetation to manage environmental risks.

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GEOV2-AVHRR: Monitoring Changes in Vegetation on a Global Scale over the last 38 Years


S2-VarBIO: four biophysical variables to monitor crops and vegetation

The first S2-VarBio demonstration products are now available on Theia.

Prototyping SEC

Vegetation biophysical variables SEC

Mapping vegetation biophysical variables on a global scale.


Junior Research Scientist in macro-ecological study of global forest ecosystems

Remote sensing and modelling to monitor the impact of global changes on the ecology and biogeochemical functioning of forests at large spatial scales.


Land Units at National Scale

Delimiting Landscape Units based on Earth Observation data in order to contribute to landscape-based land management.


GeoDEV: six thematic sheets for users in the South

Theia GeoDEV RAN proposes thematic sheets with Southern users’ needs in mind.

PhD & PostDoc

2-year Post-Doctoral Position: Multi-Modal Deep Learning for the Analysis of 3D Forestry Data

3D point clouds, multispectral imagery, deep learning, segmentation, classification, forest strata, morphological descriptors.


The New Theia Catalogue: All the Collections in a Single Visualization

Discover the new Theia catalogue offering a centralised access to SECs products as well as advances search functions and image visualisation tools.


Remote sensing and forests: the contribution of optical imagery

A focus on the use of remote sensing for forests, including the contribution of the biodivMapR tool.


Land Cover on Reunion Island

A focus on Theia Land Cover on Reunion Island product, its methods and uses.


Theia Bulletin n°12

Discover the content of Theia Bulletin n°12.

Incubating SEC

Vegetation Optical Depth SEC

Developing a global measure of vegetation cover