Natural Risks

Developing tools adapted to the entire crisis management cycle: vulnerability analysis, hazard mapping, rehabilitation and long-term prevention.

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Alex Storm and flash floods in the French Maritime Alps: Spatial imagery for crisis management

SERTIT laboratory explains how they respond to the need for rapid mapping during an event such as the Alex storm that devastated the Alpes-Maritimes at the end of 2020.



SMOS L4RZSM, an operational product dedicated to root zone humidity

Discover or rediscover the Root Zone Moisture product developed at Cesbio from SMOS data for Theia Surface Soil Moisture SEC.

Incubating SEC

Drought SEC


GeoDEV: six thematic sheets for users in the South

Theia GeoDEV RAN proposes thematic sheets with Southern users’ needs in mind.


Hydroweb counts now over 11000 stations

Hydroweb last version offers data from more than 11000 virtual stations as well as more validation information.


The New Theia Catalogue: All the Collections in a Single Visualization

Discover the new Theia catalogue offering a centralised access to SECs products as well as advances search functions and image visualisation tools.


Just released: Provisional Landsat Aquatic Reflectance Product

Discover the new provisional Aquatic Reflectance product released by the USGS Landsat program and USGS EROS


Land Cover on Reunion Island

A focus on Theia Land Cover on Reunion Island product, its methods and uses.

Prototyping SEC

Surface water volumes of floodplains SEC

Mapping water level on rivers and floodplains in order to calculate the volumes of water stored at the basin scale.


Theia Bulletin n°12

Discover the content of Theia Bulletin n°12.


New Caledonia RAN: dedicated to New-Caledonian users’ needs

Theia 9th RAN is dedicated to the specific needs of the satellite community in New Caledonia.

Incubating SEC

Surface Temperature and Emissivity SEC

Improving estimation and mapping for land surface temperature and emissivity.