Mapping urban morphology, surface artificialisation, agricultural space consumption or vegetation… to help cities adapt to challenges and threats.

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Thermal Infrared: Understanding Practices and Assessing Needs

The main results of the survey conducted by the Surface Temperature and Emissivity SEC on the needs of the TIR community.


GeoDEV: six thematic sheets for users in the South

Theia GeoDEV RAN proposes thematic sheets with Southern users’ needs in mind.


Land Cover: a Product in Continuous Improvement

Jordi Inglada tells us about the latest developments of Theia Land Cover product.


The New Theia Catalogue: All the Collections in a Single Visualization

Discover the new Theia catalogue offering a centralised access to SECs products as well as advances search functions and image visualisation tools.


Land Cover on Reunion Island

A focus on Theia Land Cover on Reunion Island product, its methods and uses.


Processing massive data stream of satellite imagery for end-users and transferring the results of research laboratory in a relevant and usable form

Anne Puissant shares the reasons for her multiple involvement in Theia and gives us her vision of where the future lies in urban remote-sensing.


Just released: Theia Bulletin n°11

Read all the news from Theia network.


2018 Land Cover Product

Discover the Land Cover Product and the novelties of the 2018 reference year.


Theia @ the 2019 Living Planet Symposium

Meet with our SEC facilitators as well as Data Terra and ForM@ter facilitators at the Living Planet Symposium.

Incubating SEC

Surface Temperature and Emissivity SEC

Improving estimation and mapping for land surface temperature and emissivity.

Satellite Data

Spot World Heritage

Access to the 25 millions images acquired by the European program SPOT from 1986 to 2015.

Satellite Data

Spot 6/7

Spot 6/7 Data