VHSR Soil Moisture: 2 new sites added

The Soil Moisture with Very High Spatial Resolution SEC offers now map series for two new sites in France: Maine-Et-Loire and La Rochelle-Poitiers. With these 2 additions, a total of 17 sites are covered by Theia VHSR Soil Moisture product.

  • Maine-Et-Loire: 194 maps documenting soil moisture at plot scale from 01/01/2019 to 29/12/2019 :
  • La Rochelle-Poitiers : 194 maps documenting soil moisture at plot scale from 01/01/2019 to 29/12/2019

Soil moisture at plot level every six days

The VHR Soil Moisture product documents soil moisture at a plot scale every six days based on Sentinel-1 data. It is available for 17 sites in Europe and around the Mediterranean.

Available VHR soil moisture data in September 2020
OSO | Land Cover Map | Jordi Inglada
Registre parcellaire graphique (RPG)
National Center for Remote Sensing Lebanon
IBG-3 | Frank Hermann
Corine Land Cover | Copernicus
LMI TREMA Maroc | Vincent Simmoneaux
SIGPAC Espagne
Available data in September 2020

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