Stage JRC | Estimating the vertical component of built-up areas from global Digital Elevation Models

The JRC is looking for a trainee for a duration of 5 months starting early 2020: Upscaling the methods for estimating the vertical component of built-up areas from global Digital Elevation Models

The successful candidate will carry out scientific and technical tasks in the Disaster Risk Management Unit (E.1); in particular he/she will contribute to the advancement of the Global Human Settlement Layer built-up product through the characterization of building height distribution in urban centres at global scale.

The activity contributes to the GHSL Baseline data and indicators to support the implementation of the EU Urban Agenda and international frameworks for Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable  Development Goals, Climate Change and the New Urban Agenda.

More details are available here: (look for Space, Security, Migration)

Applications have to be submitted via:

Application Deadline: 04/12/2019, 23:59 Brussels time

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