Un séminaire scientifique sur le thème “Cross-disciplinary approaches for building intelligent swarms of drones” se tiendra le 13 et 14 novembre 2017 à Toulouse.

 » This 2-day workshop “Cross-disciplinary approaches for building intelligent swarms of drones” is intended to promote an interdisciplinary approach of distributed control and adaptive collective behavior in swarms of drones and to favor cross-disciplinary interactions between various communities. It will focus on 3 main topics :

  1. Control of swarms: adaptation, decentralized decision and local implementation;
  2. Mastering uncertainty in swarms: local/global perception, pattern formation and evolution;
  3. Multi-level robustness of swarms: robust local control, fault-tolerant coordination and consistency of global planning.

This workshop is part of the SysCoB projet that federates and structures the research community from Toulouse through the development of interdisciplinary, reliable and bio-inspired approaches in order to design and control terrestrial or aeronautic cooperative vehicular system. »

Programme et inscription sur le site xsys.fr/events/wisdrones

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