Value-Adding Products & Algorithms for Land Surfaces

Theia at a glance

Theia is pursuing four main objectives :

  1. Promoting and facilitating the use of space data, for science and public
    actors, in terms of  imagery, added-value products as well as in-situ data;
  2. Developing added -value products and services for the science communities
    and national public actors;
  3. Developing networks of competences
  4. Supporting French realizations at European and international level.

Observing Earth

Theia is now one of the active members of the Earth System Research Infrastructure, Data Terra.

Along, three other French Earth Observation consortia:

  • Aeris – the French thematic consortium on Atmosphere
  • ForM@Ter – the French thematic consortium on Solid Earth
  • Odatis – the French Thematic consortium on Ocean spatial observation.
  • and Dinamis, the French pooled system for access to satellite imagery.

Theia in images

Theia offers monthly surface reflectance syntheses for the Iberian peninsula. Here a synthesis of cloudless observations over 45 days for the month of August 2019. Theia offers monthly surface reflectance syntheses for Metropolitan France. Here a synthesis of cloudless observations over 45 days for the month of September 2019. Theia offers monthly surface reflectance syntheses for the Italian peninsula. Here a synthesis of cloudless observations over 45 days for the month of September 2019. Localisation of all Hydroweb virtual stations in November 2020 Theia Hydroweb product documenting the level of lakes and rivers. Here the Loire River (France) variations from 2008 to 2019 The product Theia Inland Water Quality measures, among other things, the level of suspended solids. Here in the Rhône at Arles in December 2016. Soil moisture measured by SMOS-IC, summer 2017 Soil moisture measured by SMOS-IC, summer 2018 Gabon biomass map with a 50x50m resolution, Above-ground biomass map of of the savannahs and woodlands of continental Africa and Madagascar at a resolution of 50m x 50m. This DHI mapping is designed for biodiversity assessment and for describing the natural habitats of different species. Artist's view of a β diversity mapping obtained with the application of biodivMapR on an area of the Peruvian Amazon. Theia product presenting the irrigated crops in 2015 in the South-West of France. Produced from 13 LANDSAT8 level 2A images. Carte d'humidité du sol à THRS à l'échelle parcellaire pour la région d'Arles. Binary "urban/non-urban" classification obtained from Sentinel-2 images for the city of Brussels in 2018. Binary "urban/non-urban" classification obtained from Sentinel-2 images for the city of Perpignan 2018. Binary "urban/non-urban" classification obtained from Sentinel-2 images for the city of Strasbourg 2018. Theia Land Cover for Metropolitan France, 2018. 23 classes. Available both at raster et vector formats. Theia 2018 Land Cover Product for Lot-et-Garonne region (France) Theia Land Cover Product for Paris (France) 2018 Theia Reunion Land Cover Product distinguishes 11 classes of land uses. Produced by synthesis of Sentinel-2 and Spot-6 data, its resolution is 1,5 m. Map of the snow coverage in the Pyrenees during a hydrological year (1 September 2016 to 31 August 2017) produced by synthesis of Theia snow-covered surface products. Theia L2-Snow Product detects the presence of snow (in blue) and cloud (in white). Cartography of annual snow coverage for the Alps in number of days between 1st of September and 20 of January for the years 2017, 2018, 2019. Advancing ice front, Quirlies and St-Sorlin glaciers. Spot 6-7. 2014-2019. Mapping Tiger Mosquitoes risk in Montpellier (France). Senegal - Spatial distribution of mosquitoes carrying Rift Valley Fever GeoV2 FCover, October 2019

Latest news

Theia projects with the SCO label: an ever-growing list

Irrigation, forest, mangrove, infectious disease prevention, soil moisture, carbon storage, value of hedgerows, rice cultivation… Update of SCO projects related to Theia SECs and RANs.

Research Engineer or PostDoc in remote sensing (M/F)

Come and work on a Theia product dedicated to Vegetation Biophysics Variables !

Monitoring 700,000 km² of the world’s glaciers

The Rate of Glaciers Elevation Change product is now available on Theia. It provides a map of the elevation changes of all glaciers on the globe between 2000 and 2019.



The summer school is organized by CESBIO with the participation of LEGOS within the frame of several networking projects (CHAAMS, ACCWA, IDEWA, ALTOS …). The one-week summer school will provide the attendees a complete perspective from the signal […]

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Join Rennes GeoScience and Montpellier Tetis team for a 24-months post-doc. Theia BOSCO projct related content.

MACLEAN’21 Call for proposal

Submit your proposal before June, 23, 2021.


New open position at @CesbioLab for the development of large scale satellite image time series, with iota2


Thermal Infrared: Understanding Practices and Assessing Needs

The main results of the survey conducted by the Surface Temperature and Emissivity SEC on the needs of the TIR community.

Meeting effectively not only current production needs but also those of the future

Bernard Specht, CNES operations manager for the Theia-MUSCATE SDI, talks about data production within Theia consortium. A perspective that we don’t share enough.


GEOV2-AVHRR: Monitoring Changes in Vegetation on a Global Scale over the last 38 Years

Long-term global monitoring of the terrestrial biosphere has raised an increasing interest in recent years. The Global Climate Observing System (GCOS 2010) identified a set of Essential Climate Variables (ECV) […]