Theia Download Tools

Theia SECs offer some download tools especially designed for Theia Data infrastructures. Don’t miss them.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate, we are here to answer them.

Resto_Client | A python client to access remote sensing imagery servers based on Resto (including Peps,, Kalideos, RO, Pleiades-Cnes as well as ESA catalogues like Creodis or Sentinel-Hub)Apache License 2.0 GitHub
S1-Tiling | Building Analysis Ready Data of Sentinel-1 time seriesApache License 2.0GitHub
TELIS | Downloading of Theia Sentinel-2 image series (Level 2A or 3A) from a vector file (.shp) representing the foortprint or from the identifier of the S2 tiles to be downloaded.All usersGitHub
Theia Download | To download products provided by Theia land data center All usersGitHub | Download Script designed for Thisme applicationAll usersGitHub