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THEIA services, softwares & thematic tools

THEIA services, softwares & thematic tools

Theia SECs produce various processing software as well as modelling and mapping tools designed for thematic applications. Transversal to several Theia SECs, and common to the ForM@ter consortium for solid earth, a service for on-demand calculation of digital surface models is also proposed.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate, we are here to answer them.

On Demand Computing

DSM-OPT | Digital Surface Model creation from Pleiades stereo/tri-stereo imagesCC-BY-NCDSM-OPT/ForM@Ter

For Biodiversity

biodivMapR | R package producing biodiversity indicator maps from information derived from optical imaging data All usersGitHub
FragScape | QGIS PlugIn for computing landscape fragmentation metrics defined by Jaeger All usersGitHub
BioDispersal | QGIS PlugIn for computing ecological continuitiesAll usersGitHub

For Evapotranspiration

SAT’IRR | Water Balance Modelling Tool at plot scale using satellite imagery and weather dataAll usersCesbio

For Land Cover

Iota2 |Infrastructure pour l’Occupation des sols par Traitement Automatique Incorporant des Applications OrfeoToolbox Applications | Processing Chains for Theia Metropolitan France Land Cover Maps All users Framagit
Moringa | Processing chain for land cover mapping based on VHSR imagery coupling and HR time series by object-based approach. Under development as an optional module of the Iota2 chain.All usersFramagit

For Snow

Let It Snow | OrfeoToolBox module for the detection of snow-covered surfaces from optical multispectral level 2A products Apache v3Gitlab
Snow Data Kit | This app allows citizens to collect valuable ground truth information about the snow cover. The data is used to assess and improve the quality of the Copernicus Land High Resolution snow products. All usersSnow Data Kit App

For Surface Reflectances

Start MAJA – MACCS ATCOR Joint Algorithm | Basic orchestrator to process whole time series of Sentinel-2 L1C products for a given tile, using the MAJA L2A processor, which detects clouds and shadows and performs an atmospheric correction. Start-MAJA works on Linux systems All usersGitHub
WASP – Weighted Average Synthesis Processor | C++/Python software to produce monthly cloud free images from Sentinel-2 Level 2A data obtained with MAJA software. All users GitHub

For Risks associated with Infectious Diseases

ALBOMAURICE | a predictive model for mapping Aedes albopictus mosquito populations in Mauritius Mauritius CC BY-NC 4.0 DataVerse
ALBORUN | Model of Aedes albopictus mosquito population dynamics, developed for Reunion Island. Réunion CC BY-NC 4.0 DataVerse
ARBOCARTO | Predictive mapping tool for Aedes vector population densities _ CC BY-NC 4.0 DataVerse
NLHI -Normalized Landscape Hazard index | Python code, tool for mapping the influence of landscape on the probability of human/vector interaction CC BY-NC 4.0 Framagit
FOTOTEX | A unique, fast and unsupervised method to characterise urban areas at three nested scales.Tout utilisateurGitLab
Code python de géocodage des cas de maladie (ex : dengue au Brésil) basé sur OSM Tout utilisateur Forthcoming

For Vegetation

fordead | a python package for the detection of vegetation anomalies from SENTINEL-2 imagesAll usersGitHub
LIDARHD | an R package to manage and download HD LiDAR filesAll usersforgemia.inra
lidaRtRee | an R package providing forest analysis toolsAll usersCRAN

For Water

AlTiS | a radar altimetry data visualisation and processing software for water levels over inland water bodiesAll usersGitLab (software)

CTOH (data)
WaterDetect | algorithm to generate open water cover mask without any a priori knowledge on the sceneAll usersGitHub