Theia SECs produce various processing software as well as modelling and mapping tools. Some are designed for thematic applications ; some will . meet more transversal needs of users.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate, we are here to answer them.

For Biodiversity

biodivMapR | R package producing biodiversity indicator maps from information derived from optical imaging data All usersGitHub
FragScape | QGIS PlugIn for computing landscape fragmentation metrics defined by Jaeger All usersGitHub
BioDispersal | QGIS PlugIn for computing ecological continuitiesAll usersGitHub

For Evapotranspiration

SAT’IRR | Water Balance Modelling Tool at plot scale using satellite imagery and weather dataAll usersCesbio

For Land Cover

Iota2 – Infrastructure pour l’Occupation des sols par Traitement Automatique Incorporant des Applications OrfeoToolbox Applications | Processing Chains for Theia Metropolitan France Land Cover Maps All users Framagit
Moringa | Processing chain for land cover mapping based on VHSR imagery coupling and HR time series by object-based approach. Under development as an optional module of the Iota2 chain.All usersFramagit

For Snow

Let It Snow | OrfeoToolBox module for the detection of snow-covered surfaces from optical multispectral level 2A products All users Gitlab

For Surface Reflectances

Start MAJA – MACCS ATCOR Joint Algorithm | Basic orchestrator to process whole time series of Sentinel-2 L1C products for a given tile, using the MAJA L2A processor, which detects clouds and shadows and performs an atmospheric correction. Start-MAJA works on Linux systems All usersGitHub
WASP – Weighted Average Synthesis Processor | C++/Python software to produce monthly cloud free images from Sentinel-2 Level 2A data obtained with MAJA software. All users GitHub

For Risks associated with Infectious Diseases

ALBORUN | a model of Aedes albopictus mosquito population dynamics, developed for Reunion Island.Reunion island All users DataVerse
ARBOCARTO | Tool for predictive mapping of Aedes vector population densities _ All users DataVerse
NLHI -Normalized Landscape Hazard index | Python code, mapping tool for the influence of landscape on the probability of human/vector interaction   All users Framagit
Geocoding python code for disease cases (e.g. dengue in Brazil) based on OSM   All users Forthcoming

For transversal uses

Resto_Client | A python client to access remote sensing imagery servers based on Resto (including Peps,, Kalideos, RO, Pleiades-Cnes as well as ESA catalogues like Creodis or Sentinel-Hub)All users GitHub
S1-Tiling | Building Analysis Ready Data of Sentinel-1 time seriesAll users GitHub
Theia Download | To download products provided by Theia land data center All usersGitHub
TELIS | Downloading of Theia Sentinel-2 image series (Level 2A or 3A) from a vector file (.shp) representing the foortprint or from the identifier of the S2 tiles to be downloaded.All usersGitHub