Pléiades Image (2014) – Montpellier (Hérault) © CNES 2014, Distribution Airbus Defense & Space / Spot Image, France

THEIA Services and Observation Data Centres

THEIA has four Observation and Services Data Centres (CD.O.S) – Toulouse, Montpellier, Strasbourg, and Grenoble. This distributed structure offers diversified processing capabilities and access to a wide range of data, products and services developed in THEIA Scientific Expertise Centres.

Providing shared technical services

Their mission is to provide a set of pooled technical services that will enable the user community to make the best possible use of the data and products from space missions and other types of products relating to the THEIA fields of expertise.

More specifically, they pursue the following actions:

  • Acquiring, processing and distributing space data, and create the generic products and tools required by the user community as a whole;
  • Ensuring the long-term archiving of this data;
  • Contributing to the capitalisation of thematic methods developed by the various Centres of Scientific Expertise;
  • Ensuring the dissemination of data, products, tools, and methods via the THEIA portal;
  • Providing technical support to the various Centres of Scientific Expertise and, more broadly, to the scientific community.

Landsat, Venus, Spot et Sentinel Satellite Data
Time series for Reflectance, OSO and Snow products
Urban Footprint, on-line calculation of digital terrain models
Time séries for Soil Moisture, Building Footprint, Water surface, Thermocity and Albedo products.
Theia|Ozcar In-Situ Data of Earth Critical Zone