2018 Land Cover Map

Theia Thematic Products

Theia Thematic Products

Through treatment chains or distribution service, Theia adds value to a large panel of spatial products, presenting various spatial resolution and techniques.

All Theia SECs production is listed here by themes.

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Surface Reflectance

Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance
(Level 2)
France and others zones in the world2016>NowETALAB V2.0catalogue.theia-land.fr
Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance
(Level 3)
France and others zones in the world2018>NowETALAB V2.0catalogue.theia-land.fr
Landsat-5/7 Surface Reflectance
(Level 2)
ETALAB V2.0theia.cnes.fr
Landsat-8 Surface ReflectanceFranceMarch 2017
ETALAB V2.0catalogue.theia-land.fr
Venus Surface Reflectance (Level 2)110 sites
CC BY-NC 4.0catalogue.theia-land.fr
Venus Surface Reflectance (Level 3)110 sites
CC BY-NC 4.0catalogue.theia-land.fr
Spot 4
(Take 5) Reflectance
45 sites worldwideFebruary>June 2013Open Licence catalogue.theia-land.fr
Spot 5
(Take 5) Reflectance
150 sites worldwideApril>September 2015Open Licencecatalogue.theia-land.fr
Level 2: monodate | Level 3: monthly syntheses


Soil Moisture at Very High Spatial Resolution19 sites in Europe and around the Mediterranean sea
> Now
ETALAB v.2.0catalogue.theia-land.fr
Soil moisture at 25 km resolutionGlobal2002
> Now
CC BY-NC 4.0catds.fr
Soil moisture at 25 km resolution (homogeneous product, SMOS-IC) Global2010-2018CC BY-NC 4.0 ib.remote-sensing.inrae.fr
Soil moisture in the root zoneGlobal2010
> Now
CC BY-NC 4.0catds.fr
Drought indexGlobal2010 > 2017CC BY-NC 4.0ftp.ifremer.fr
Water cycle variables (Postel)Continental to Global1992 > 2005All userspostel.theia.cnes.fr

Continental Hydrology

Water levels of rivers and lakes (Hydroweb) Global (lakes and rivers altimetry) 1992
> Now
ETALABV2.0 catalogue.theia-land.fr
SurfWater | Dynamic Follow-up for Water SurfaceMainland France and Neighbors countries2019>présent ETALABV2.0 thisme.cines.teledetection.fr


Annual Glacier Equilibrium-Line Altitude240 glaciers in the European Alps 2000 > 2016ETALAB 2.0Zipped files
Rate of Glaciers Elevation ChangesWorldwide2000 > 2019CC-BY-NC 4.0maps.theia-land.fr
Glacier Ice Thickness DistributionWorldwide2017-2018CC-BY-NC 4.0maps.theia-land.fr
Glacier surface flow velocityWorldwide2017-2018CC-BY-NC 4.0maps.theia-land.fr
Snow (level-2)Alpes, Pyrénées, Haut-AtlasJuly 2016
> Now
ETALAB 2.0catalogue.theia-land.fr
Snow (level 3)Alpes, Pyrénées, Haut-AtlasJuly 2016
> Now
ETALAB 2.0theia.cnes.fr
Current Snow Cover based on last 20-days observationsMetropolitan FranceLast 20 daysETALAB 2.0maps.theia-land.fr
Fractional Snow Cover Copernicus (level 2)39 countries members of the European Economic AeraSeptember 2016
> Now
Persistant Snow Area Copernicus39 countries members of the European Economic AeraSeptember 2016
> Now
Mapping of frozen surfaces in agricultural areasNorth-East of Francenovembre 2019 > présentETALAB 2.0thisme.teledetection.fr
Level 2: monodate | Level 3: annual syntheses

Land Cover

Metropolitan France Land CoverMetropolitan France 2009 >2011
2016 > 2017
ETALAB 2.0catalogue.theia-land.fr
Land Cover on Réunion IslandLa Réunion2016 > NowCC BYaware.cirad.fr
Land Unit at National ScaleBrazil, Burkina Faso, France 2013, 2016, 2011 CC BY-NC 4.0 Brazil, Burkina Faso, France (.zip)
Land cover (Globcover) 2005-2006Global2005-2006All userspostel.theia.cnes.fr

Land Cover Map for Irrigation

IrrigationSouth-West of France 2015All userspeps-vizo.cnes.fr
Adour, Tarn2017All userspeps-vizo.cnes.fr
Catalonia, Spain2018All userspeps-vizo.cnes.fr

Land Cover Maps for Health Issues

Water Surfaces Hwangue National Park, Zimbabwe 2018CC BY-NC 4.0Hwangue
North Kruger
Zimbabwe National Parks Land Cover Hwangue, Gonarezhou & North Kruger National Park, Zimbabwe 2018 CC BY-NC 4.0 Hwange
North Kruger
Land CoverBuriram, Thailand 2006-2008 CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverLoei, Thailand2007-2008 CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverLuang Prabang, Laos 2006-2007 CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverMondolkiri,Cambodge 2008 CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverNan, Thailand 2006-2007 CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverChampasak, Laos 2007 CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverPreah Sihanouk, Cambodge 2006-2007 CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverChiang Rai, Thailand 2010-2012 CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverKalasin, Thailand, 2011-2013 CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverLapsik,
2010-2012 CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverPrachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand 2011-2013 CC BY-NC 4.0aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverTha Wang Pha, Thailand2016CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverTonle Sap Lake, Cambodge2012-2014CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverKanchanaburi, Thailand2011-2013CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverKandal, Cambodge2014-2015CC BY-NC 4.0 aware.cirad.fr
Land CoverBrasilia, Brasil2017 to 2019CC BY-NC 4.0GeoDEV
Land CoverGuyane-Brasil BorderSince 2017CC BY-NC 4.0GeoDEV


Urba-OptFranceCC BY-NC 4.0a2s-earthobservation.eu
Buildings FootprintFranceETALAB V2.0thisme.cines.teledetection.fr
ThermocityFranceETALAB V2.0thisme.cines.teledetection.fr

Land Units at National Scale

Land Units at National ScaleBrazilCC BY-NC 4.0Zip Data
Burkina FasoCC BY-NC 4.0Zip Data
FranceCC BY-NC 4.0Zip Data


Vegetation bio-geophysical
Metropolitan France From 2019 onAll usersForthcoming
Vegetation variables (Postel)Continental to Global1998
> now

All users
Series of vegetation variables (GEOV2-AVHRR)Global1981 > now ETALAB V2.0 postel.theia.cnes.fr

Biomass products

Biomass for MadagascarMadagascar  All users ids.equipex-geosud.fr
Africa Biomass MapAfrica2010 All users drive.google.com
Gabon Biomass MapGabon2010 All users ids.equipex-geosud.fr
Biomass for French GuianaFrench Guiana All users ids.equipex-geosud.fr
Canopy Height for French GuianaFrench Guiana  All usersids.equipex-geosud.fr

Radiation and Surface Roughness

Radiation variables (Postel)Continental to Global1998>2005All userspostel.theia.cnes.fr/
Surface RoughnessGlobal2010 > NowCC BY-NC 4.0ftp.ifremer.fr

Infectious Disease Risk

Spatial modeling of mosquito vectors for Rift Valley fever virus in Northern SenegalNorth Senegal 2014-2016 CC BY-NC 4.0DataVerse
Map of rat fleas vector for murins typhus distributionReunion Island2018CC BY-NC 4.0DataVerse