Data access


At the end of life of each of its satellites, CNES isues a call for ideas for experiments to be held after the end of the routine phase, and before the deorbitation. CESBIO used this opportunity to propose the Take5 experiment, which consisted in changing the orbit of SPOT4 to deliver Sentinel-2 like time series during 5 months. The succes of this experiment, with more than 700 users, pushed CNES and ESA to renew it with SPOT5 satellite.

On April the 2nd, 2015, the orbit of SPOT5 was lowered by 3 km, to put in on a 5 day repeat cycle orbit. From that date, and for 5 months until the 15th of September, SPOT5 observed 150 sites every 5 days with constant observation angles. The data were processed and distributed by the MUSCATE prototype ground segment at CNES, within the THEIA ground segment.:

The data are freely available to all users with a very open license.