Data access : 2019


The goal is to produce a time series of vegetation variables (leaf area index, fraction of PAR absorbed and vegetation cover) for the 1978-2013 period using data from the AVHRR instrument flown on board various NOAA platforms during that time.

This is a joint Theia action by CNES, INRA Avignon and the CREAF in Barcelona.



Name : NOAA

Imaging mode : Optical

Spectral bands : 

  • Red
  • Near infrared

Resolutions : 4 km

Observation capability : Global coverage in 1 day

Coverage :

  • Area : global
  • Period : 1981 to 2013


GEOV2 AVHRR product user manual. (Main product)

GEOV2 GCM Product User Manuel (By-product)