The “Vegetation biophysics variables” Scientific Expertise Centre (SEC) brings together teams from UMR Emmah/équipe Capte and Inra Avignon Avignon that work on ECV (Essential Climate Variables) biophysics variables: LAI, fAPAR and fCover.

The product resulting from the Vegetation biophysics variables CES is updated with a frequency of one to 10 days. It has a kilometre (km), hectometre (hm) and decametre (dm) scale, and global coverage.

The data used are the AVHRR archives from 1981-2014, and Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 data.


  • 2015: algorithms and production chains developed for km and hm levels, additional validations for the dm level
  • 2016: development of specific products intended for agricultural areas (wheat, maize, sunflower)


Frédéric Baret
INRA | Capte