OSS-NC 21: Connecting Regional Geomatics Communities in Pacific

Theia Geodev Nouvelle-Calédonie Regional Animation Network (RAN) is one of the organisers of the geomatics event for New Caledonia “Observation spatiale au service de la Nouvelle-Calédonie – OSS-NC” which will take place in Nouméa the 7,8 & 9 September 2021.

2021 edition wants to replace the NC geomatics community in its regional environment, with the view to enhance synergies with regional organisations operating on earth observation and with other geomatics communities in Pacific islands states and French Pacific Territories. Therefore, a first regional plenary session will take place, allowing various regional E.O  actors to interact and present key regional initiatives in the field. This session will be held in visio-conference with bilingual translation between English and French.

4 thematic workshops will follow, targeting French Pacific territories :

  • Continental erosion
  • Vegetation
  • Benthic mapping
  • Mangroves

All this will lead to the drafting of actions plans addressing EO needs across French Pacific territories.

Last but not least, an introductory session will be organized on 7 September to provide a brief overview on EO to any interested public.  This session will be designed to meet the needs of stakeholders and operational managers of NC provinces and communes. This session is also open to students.

On the programme, Marie Weiss (INRAE), co-facilitator of the Vegetation Biophysical Variables Vegetation SEC, will speak on Indices applicable to vegetation (Wednesday 8 September) and a side-event dedicated to image acquisition using the DINAMIS system (Tuesday 7 September).

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OSS-NC 21: Connecting Regional Geomatics Communities in Pacific

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