New Caledonia RAN: dedicated to New-Caledonian users’ needs

Theia New-Caledonia RAN constitutes the 9th component of Theia Regional Animation Network.

Theia New Caledonia Regional Animation Network (RAN) was created in May 2019 at the joint initiative of INSIGHT SAS (Supply and processing of imaging and development of solutions based on Earth observation data) and IRD New-Caledonia.

  • Its animation also constitutes a regional development of the GeoDEV RAN.
  • Structure, federate and support New-Caledonian users

Seven objectives were defined at the launch of Theia New-Caledonian RAN

  • Structure, federate and support the community of users in New Caledonia (research institutions, private sector…)
  • Promote the actions of the Theia network and facilitate access to and use of earth observation images from space;
  • Federating exchanges within the scientific and technological community (public and private), relying in particular on existing initiatives, and instilling a dynamic and synergy between the public and private actors of the territory;
  • Contribute to the development of new business service offerings and thus to economic development;
  • Participate in the demonstration of the interest and possibilities of pooling resources for a global reflection on a territorial scale;
  • Participate in training efforts, particularly on value-added products developed in the Scientific Expertise Centres (SEC), for a rise in technical skills of the territory’s managers with the objective of a better understanding of the technology and the challenge capacities of the available offers;
  • Serve as a link between the metropolitan community (Theia, SEC, RAN…) and the New Caledonian community.
  • Building capacity in a range of priority themes

ART GeoDEV New Caledonia is particularly interested in supporting the development and implementation of appropriate methodologies in areas identified as important by the local community:

  • Land use pattern
  • Forest and vegetation
  • Burnt surfaces
  • Erosion
  • Climate impact

Other potential complementary themes have been identified:

  • Agriculture
  • Coastal zone monitoring
  • Maritime surveillance
  • Coral bleaching


Jean Massenet

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