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Carte de la biomasse de Madagascar

This biomass map has a spatial resolution of 250m x 250m and was obtained using the data fusion of LiDAR, optical and other climatic datasets. The precision of the map by comparison to field estimates is around 74 Mg/ha.

Authors: Mohammad El Hajj (Irstea), Nicolas Baghdadi (Irstea), Ibrahim Fayad (Irstea), Ghislain Vieilledent (JRC, Cirad), Jean-Stéphane Bailly (AgroParisTech), Dinh Ho Tong Minh (Irstea)

Thanks to: Irstea, Cnes (Tosca), Cirad (projet BioSceneMada), JRC (projet ReCaREDD), établissements malgaches (DGF, ONE, WWF, CI, WCS, Goodplanet/ETC Terra), NSDIC (National Snow and Ice Data Center) pour la mise à disposition des données lidar ICESat/GLAS.

References: El Hajj M., Baghdadi N., Fayad I., Vieilledent G., Bailly J.S., Ho Tong Minh D., 2017. Interest of integrating spaceborne LiDAR data to derive accurate biomass estimates in high biomass forested areas. Remote Sensing, 9(3), 213, pp. 1-19, doi: 10.3390/rs9030213.


Nicolas Baghdadi
INRAE | Tetis



GeoTIFF raster

NoData: -3,40282306074e+038

EPSG: 32738

Resolution: 250 m

Pixel type: double precision (32 bits)

Data years

ICESat: 2003-2009

Optical data : 2000-2010

SRTM: 2000

Field inventories : 1995-2013