Cartes de biomasse dans la gamme de 0 à 100/150 tonne/ha dérivées de ALOS à 25m de résolution, en Afrique

Forest biomass and changes in forest cover

Forest biomass and changes in forest cover


Theia Experts group in Forest Biomass and Changes in Forest Cover brings together teams from Cesbio that develop two products intended for ministries, FAO, REDD+, UNREDD and researchers in carbon and climate sciences :

1. Mapping of above-ground biomass (in tonnes/ha) of forests
2. Mapping of changes in forest cover following deforestation and forest degradation

Mapping of biomass at a scale of 25 m and an annual frequency for regional, national or global coverage. Mapping of changes in forest cover at a scale of 20m and a multi-year frequency, and almost real-time for hot spots.

The data used come from ALOS-PALSAR, Sentinel 1, ALOS 2 and Biomass (2021).


  • 2017: biomass products (0-100 tonnes/ha) Africa
  • 2018: biomass products (0-100 tonnes/ha) Africa + South America
  • 2017-2018: Processing and production chain for the deforestation/ forest degradation monitoring product Figure 1 gives the example of biomass products over Africa.
  • From 2021 onwards: production of biomass product (0-550 tonnes/ha)


Thuy Le Toan