Theia Forest Biomass and Changes in Forest Cover Scientific Expertise Centre (SEC) brings together teams from Cesbio that develop two products intended for ministries, FAO, REDD+, UNREDD and researchers in carbon and climate sciences :

1. Mapping of above-ground biomass (in tonnes/ha) of forests
2. Mapping of changes in forest cover following deforestation and forest degradation

Mapping of biomass at a scale of 25 m and an annual frequency for regional, national or global coverage. Mapping of changes in forest cover at a scale of 20m and a multi-year frequency, and almost real-time for hot spots.

The data used come from ALOS-PALSAR, Sentinel 1, ALOS 2 and Biomass (2021).


  • 2017: biomass products (0-100 tonnes/ha) Africa
  • 2018: biomass products (0-100 tonnes/ha) Africa + South America
  • 2017-2018: Processing and production chain for the deforestation/ forest degradation monitoring product Figure 1 gives the example of biomass products over Africa.
  • From 2021 onwards: production of biomass product (0-550 tonnes/ha)


Thuy Le Toan