Theia lists open and free software that can be used to process satellite images.
  • OTB (Orfeo toolbox) (CNES) Open software for processing remote sensing images.
  • Monteverdi (CNES) Software for configured or automated processing of satellite images, OTB graphic interface.
  • SNAP (Sentinel Application Platform) (ESA) Software for processing Sentinel images.
  • NEST (Next ESA SAT Toolbox) (ESA) Free software for processing and analysing optical and radar space data.
  • Guidos ToolBox (EU) Software providing a variety of digital image processing techniques for describing and analysing raster image objects.
  • PolSARpro (ESA)
  • Software for processing specialised SAR data from the polarimetric data of the various space and airborne missions.
  • ASF MapReady (ESA) Application for processing radar data.
  • Micmac (IGN) Software for automatic matching in the geographical context.
  • Tools from the Emmah mixed research unit Tools for image validation
  • OLIVE platform  Tool for land mass biophysical products