Pleiades Image 2013 – Lannion (Bretagne) © CNES 2014, Distribution Airbus Defense & Space / Spot Image, France


The Theia Land Data Centre is a national inter-agency organization designed to foster the use of images coming from the space observation of land surfaces.

Theia is thus offering the national and international scientific communities as well as the public policy for the monitoring and management of environmental resources, a broad range of images at different scales, methods and services related to the land surface observation from space.

The objectives are :

  1. to measure more easily the impact of human pressures and of the climate on the ecosystems and territories,
  2. to observe, quantify and model the cycles of water and carbon,
  3. to monitor the societies’ evolutions and their activities, in particular regarding their urban, farming and forestry practices,
  4. to understand the biodiversity dynamics.

The Centre relies on a distributed space data infrastructure, the Management and Data Processing Centre (CGTD), and on scientific expertise centres located in different areas.

The products and services offered by Theia are quality controlled and cover large territories and long time periods: annual satellite coverage of the national territory, surface reflectance time series at high or very high resolution, time series of bio geophysical products on a global scale (e.g. biomass, water heights, surface moisture…), tools to assist the data visualization and processing, processing methods and algorithms and validation procedures.

Theia organizes the French skills in this field, provide data to more than 400 laboratories and 100 graduate schools on the national territory and ensure the visibility of these activities worldwide.

Documents:  The Theia Land Data Centre – RSDI international workshop Oct. 2015 (La Grande Motte – France).pdf