Landsat datas production LANDSAT on South of France @ NASA / USGS, CESBIO (2011)

Muscate Workshop

Within Theia, Cnes with the support of Cesbio is setting up a multi-satellite, multi-sensor ground segment for multi-temporal data (Muscate). This workshop is designed to offer the users ready to use products coming from time series of images acquired over large territories. Sentinel-2 will of course be the production workshop’s flagship, but until the constellation is launched, Muscate has already started producing data coming from Spot 4 (Take5) experiment. At the same time the processing of all the Landsat data acquired over continental France from 2009 to 2011 is under preparation within the prototype ground segment. A Muscate production workshop already exists as a prototype developed by Cnes with the support of Cap Gemini. This prototype is already able to process data from satellites Landsat, Spot, Formosat-2, Venµs and Sentinel-2, based on processors developed at CNES for L1C (Geometry) and at Cesbio for L2A (cloud detection and atmospheric correction). Simultaneously the development of an operational, very automatized ground segment is being specified. The products provided by Muscate are the following:
  • Level 1C (Ortho-rectified surface reflectance data at the top of the atmosphere)
  • Muscate LevelsLevel 2A (Ortho-rectified surface reflectance data after atmospheric correction, along with a mask of clouds and their shadows, as well as a mask of water and snow).
  • Level 3A (Bi-monthly or monthly composite products of surface reflectance, based on the weighted average surface reflectance of non-cloudy pixels obtained during the period). Up to now Level 3A chain is only available for Venμs satellite.
The data produced by Muscate will be, as much as possible, freely distributed to research laboratories on the one hand and to the French public institutions on the other hand, through the THEIA portal.