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Theia Risks associated with infectious diseases SEC has developed a software to simulate the population dynamics of the tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, in Mauritius.

Albomaurice software runs a mosquito population dynamics model to predict the temporal and spatial abundance of Aedes Albopictus, the Dengue disease vector in Mauritius. For each geographical unit, it solves a system of ordinary differential equations describing different stages of the mosquito life cycle.
The tool uses daily rainfall and temperature input data to produce abundance maps used operationally by health services for targeting areas where to apply vector surveillance and control measures. The model simulations were validated against entomological data acquired weekly for one year at nine sites on the island, corresponding to different climates. Different control options (destruction of breeding sites, insecticide spraying) can also be simulated and their effects compared.

Mauritius – Spatial distribution of the dengue vector Aedes albopictus


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Iyaloo D.P., Degenne P., Elahee K.B., Lo Seen D., Bheecarry A., Tran A.. 2021. ALBOMAURICE: A predictive model for mapping Aedes albopictus mosquito populations in Mauritius. SoftwareX, 13 : 7 p..