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Data Terra

“What motivates my interest in THEIA, but also in the very idea of data consortia, are the ever-changing activities and the associated challenges.”

Arnaud Sellé, CNES-Partner Interoperability Manager for DINAMIS, Theia & ForM@Ter, gives us his vision of Theia contributions and challenges.


[Just Released] Theia Bulletin N°16

Theia Regional Animation Network

A new GeoDEV website, with resources tailored to your profile

Ile Maurice – Distribution spatiale du moustique Aedes albopictus vecteur de la dengue

Softwares & Tools

ALBOMAURICE: a predictive model for mapping Aedes albopictus mosquito populations in Mauritius

Software to simulate the population dynamics of the tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, in Mauritius.

Ile de la Réunion – Distribution spatiale du moustique Aedes albopictus vecteur de la dengue (en rouge : densités fortes ; en vert : densités faibles).

Softwares & Tools

ALBORUN | Model of Aedes albopictus mosquito population dynamics, Reunion Island

Software enabling to simulate the population dynamics for tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, Reunion Island


ANISETTE: tracking mosquitoes vectors of diseases

ANISETTE is the new project developed by the Theia Risks Associated with Infectious Diseases SEC

Montpellier – Distribution spatiale du moustique Aedes albopictus vecteur de la dengue, du virus Zika, du Chikungunya

Softwares & Tools

ARBOCARTO | Predictive mapping tool for Aedes vector population densities

Software able simulate the population dynamics of Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti.

Nan Province, Thailand - Land Cover Mapping


Cambodia, Thailand, Laos Land cover maps for the study of health-environment relationships

Land cover maps focusing on the relationship between health and the environment, intended to contribute to the dissemination of information on epidemiological risks related to infectious diseases to public health actors.

Scientific expertise

Changes and Health of Temperate Forests

Theia ‘Changes and Health of Temperate Forests’experts group brings together engineers, researchers and stakeholders from the forestry sector, in order to develop and implement methods and tools based on remote sensing data to improve silvicultural and sylvo-sanitary monitoring and the sustainable management of temperate forests, in a context where the pressure factors on these ecosystems are increasingly more numerous in France, in Europe, and throughout the world.

Suspended matters concentration map obtained by Sentinel-2 imagery at the confluence of the Amazon and Negro rivers (Brazil)

Prototyping SEC

Colours of the continental waters SEC

Assessing the concentration of suspended solids and chlorophyll-a in surface waters of rivers, lakes or estuaries.

Fototex results

Softwares & Tools


FOTOTEX, developed within Theia Risks Associated with Infectious Disease Risks and Urban SECs, proposes a unique, rapid and unsupervised method for characterising urban areas at three overlapping scales.

Fototex results


FOTOTEX: An Unsupervised Method for Urban Areas

FOTOTEX, developed within Theia Risks Associated with Infectious Disease Risks and Urban SECs, proposes a unique, rapid and unsupervised method for characterising urban areas at three overlapping scales.


GeoDEV: six thematic sheets for users in the South

Theia GeoDEV RAN proposes thematic sheets with Southern users’ needs in mind.

Mapping Tiger Mosquitoes risk in Montpellier (France).



Identifying and mapping environmental factors favourable to the emergence, spread and persistence of diseases.


Just released: Theia Bulletin n°11

Read all the news from Theia network.


Just Released: Theia Bulletin n°15

Read the new Theia Bulletin with all the network news, a selection of focuses on products and much more.


Landsat Surface Reflectance

Data at 30-meter resolution for 30 years, on all land surfaces with a repeatability of 16 days.

Incubating SEC

Landscape SEC

Understanding landscape patterns for efficient and sustainable management and planning

Ile de la Réunion – Distribution des puces Xenopsylla vectrices du typhus murin (en rouge : indice de densité élevé ; en bleu : indice de densité faible)


Map of rat fleas distribution, Reunion Island

Mapping of the distribution of Xenopsylla flea vectors of murine typhus, Reunion Island.

Softwares & Tools

Mapping and Modelling Tools for Preventing Infectious Disease Risk

Exemple de traitement Arbocarto pour Mayotte, avril 2023


May 2023, Montpellier | Arbocarto user meetings


OSO 2023 Data : a little more patience ahead

Satellite Data

Radar (CSM – TSX)

Satellite Data

Rapid Eye, Spot 1-5

National coverage 2010-2011


Producing SEC

Risks associated with infectious diseases SEC

Developing transmission risk maps for the various infectious diseases, vector-borne or otherwise, using Earth Observation data.



Spatial modeling of mosquito vectors for Rift Valley fever virus in Northern Senegal

Satellite Data

Spot 6/7

Spot 6/7 Data


The New Theia Catalogue: All the Collections in a Single Visualization

Discover the new Theia catalogue offering a centralised access to SECs products as well as advances search functions and image visualisation tools.

Products, Data & Tools

THEIA Catalogues

Theia Forest and Water Quality Workshops

Theia organized two thematic workshops in October, focusing on applied products for the monitoring of Forests and Water Quality.


Theia programme at Living Planet Symposium

Go to Bonn with Theia’s Living Planet programme in your pocket!


Theia projects with the SCO label: an ever-growing list

Irrigation, forest, mangrove, infectious disease prevention, soil moisture, carbon storage, value of hedgerows, rice cultivation… Update of SCO projects related to Theia SECs and RANs.

Scientific expertise

THEIA services, softwares & thematic tools

Various processing software as well as modelling and mapping tools designed for thematic applications by Theia’s SECs.

Prototyping SEC

Urban SEC

Mapping artificialized surfaces, urban fabrics, urban vegetation, changes and indicators.

Data Terra

Using satellite imagery to establish a link between the environment, the habitats that are favourable to these species, and the human and animal populations at risk

Annelise TRAN, CIRAD researcher and THEIA Risks associated with Infectious Diseases SEC, shares her vision of Theia consortium, its achievements as well as the challenges ahead.

Parc National de Hwangué, Zimbabwé – Cartographie de l’occupation du sol,


Zimbabwe National Parks Land Cover

Spatialized landcover raster layers, derived from a time series of Sentinel-2 satellite images (from the year 2018), for Hwange, Gonarezhou and North Kruger National Parks in Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe National Parks Water Surfaces

Geographic layers of monthly water surface changes for Hwangue, Gonarezhou and North Kruger National Parks in Zimbabwe, for modelling animal movements and predicting potential pathogen transmission.