JRC Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships (CDP)

The JRC has published the second call for expressions of interest for the Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships (CDP) in the following fields:

  1. Digital Governance
  2. Smart, connected and clean mobility
  3. EU Energy Transition
  4. Development of methods to monitor progresses, design transformations and identify solutions to achieve SDGs
  5. Secure and sustainable supply of raw materials for strategic value chains
  6. Artificial intelligence for earth observation
  7. Graphic causal models for hybrid threats
  8. Resilience of built infrastructure to natural and man-made hazards
  9. Health promotion and prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs)
  10.  Non-power nuclear and radiological technologies to achieve the SDGs 2030 Agenda
  11. Synergies of qualitative and quantitative methods for anticipation activities
  12. Behavioural insights applied to policy-making
  13. Robustness in complex data analysis and statistical modelling

The call is opened to higher education institutions / universities from EU Member States and countries associated to the EU Research Programme Horizon 2020.

Artificial intelligence for earth observation,

In particular for the topic Artificial intelligence for earth observation, two doctoral positions are offered with the Global Human Settlement Layer team.

The deadline for applications is 3 May 2020.

More news

PhD & PostDoc

PHD on remote sensing for precision irrigation

IRTA and the University of Lleida propose a PhD position on the measurement of water needs for irrigation by remote sensing.


PhD & PostDoc

2-year Post-Doctoral Position: Multi-Modal Deep Learning for the Analysis of 3D Forestry Data

3D point clouds, multispectral imagery, deep learning, segmentation, classification, forest strata, morphological descriptors.


PhD & PostDoc

Internal Research Fellow for New Space Data Quality Assessment

Apply before July, 14th, for this ESA Post-doc.