POSTEL was a demonstrator of thematic Land Data Centre from 2001 to 2008. The idea was to associate R&D and services to describe the soil and vegetation from Earth Observation satellite data, at regional and global scales. It developed in the Punlic Interest Group Medias-France and was supported by CNES, IRD, CNRS, INRA and Météo-France, in association with several national science laboratories, including INRA Avignon and CNRM of Meteo-France. 

The products developed in POSTEL were spatialized variables describing :

  • Vegetation and Soils with products such as Leaf Area Index, vegetal cover fraction, fAPAR and surface reflectance.
  • Radiation with products such as albedo, BRDF and downwelling radiation flux longwave
  • Water with products such as soil moisture and precipitation.
  • Land Cover with the Glocover product of global land cover at 300 m resolution.

The Postel products were conceived to be available free of charge to the international science community.

Documents:  The POSTEL Land Surface Thematic Centre – ISPMSRS Mars 2007.pdf The POSTEL Thematic Centre – RAQRS Proceedings septembre 2006.pdf POSTEL – J. Comp. Technolog. 2005.pdf POSTEL – Lettre Medias 2004.pdf Premiers produits POSTEL – Lettre Medias 2004.pdf